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Android is definitely an open source which has a responsive UI any Android user will accept this fact. But it appears as though there is more than what meets the attention. There are some concealed handy features and shortcuts that you could apply on your Google android device. Learning to better make use of your Android will enable for making things simpler and getting most from it.

You will be amazed that what sort of few simple tricks will leave you having a better knowledge and enhance experience together with your Android.

Keyboard shortcuts

Often while constructing a note or replying to one you may want to switch between the alphabet as well as numeric keyboard. This nearly seems tiring, an easy way to do this is holding down the actual (. ) key to make an simple and fast switch. The punctuation marks and numeric can look instantly. Additionally to eliminate constant tapping on your own virtual keyboard tap without having lifting your finger. There's a pre-loaded functionality in Android that allows swiping through the secrets, the moment you lift your finger the term ends. If you wish to check how the swipe performance works then type without having lifting fingers then faucet and hold space bar which will reveal the Input Technique Screen from there you are able to choose Swipe.

Enabling Encounter Unlock

Unlocking the Android screen means needing to trace a specific pattern to get into the menu. The new mode associated with unlocking your phone is actually holding the phone before your face and staring to the front mounted camera. This can unlock your phone. This functionality could be enabled by applying the actual steps Settings>Security> Screen Lock>Choose Encounter Unlock. But just with regard to precaution, it is better to produce a PIN for backup or perhaps a specific tracing pattern for instances when this feature can't respond.

Taking Screen Pictures
You can easily capture a screen that you're currently viewing. This can be achieved by pressing the energy and volume button concurrently. This way the screen is captured and also the screen shot is saved within the gallery or in the notifications that may be accessed via pull down menu on the screen top.

Organize Displays

The screen presentation of includes various widgets and application icons and widgets which are neatly displayed on several Home screens. If you need to access a specific app then you have to swipe through each house screen then tap in order to rearrange the order. But there's a less time consuming method of doing it, hold down the house Button and jump straight.