binding android library project to xamarin android

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binding android library project to xamarin android

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We have implemented the Pull to refresh and load more android library project into xamarin application.
For this ,
we have created xamarin android binding project using binding mechanism.

the below method in android library project is not added in xamarin binding project.

         * Register a callback to be invoked when this list should be refreshed.
         * @param onRefreshListener
         *            The callback to run.
        public void setOnRefreshListener(OnRefreshListener onRefreshListener) {
                mOnRefreshListener = onRefreshListener;

**Java Interface**

         * Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when list should be
         * refreshed.
        public interface OnRefreshListener {
                 * Called when the list should be refreshed.
                 * <p>
                 * A call to {@link PullToRefreshListView #onRefreshComplete()} is
                 * expected to indicate that the refresh has completed.
                public void onRefresh();


We need to call the above method  called setOnRefreshListener on ListView in xamarin application project.
But we could not able to call setOnRefreshListener in C# code.

//C# implementation on listview

public class ResfreshListener : Java.Lang.Object, PullToRefreshListView.IOnRefreshListener
            public void OnRefresh()
                Log.Info("PullToRefreshListViewDemo", "Test");

listview.**setOnRefreshListener**(new ResfreshListener () )

Error thrown  calling setOnRefreshListener on listview.
are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?

setOnRefreshListener method is not generated in api.xml file  and class file.

api file                     : api.xml
generated class file    : Com.Costum.Android.Widget.PullToRefreshListView.cs

Please guide me on the above issue.