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Jacob Spencer
Hi All,

Just as a note, I have googled this and have searched the xamarin forum.

I have a couple of cases within my code where I use the 1252 codepage to do some encoding.

When running in debug it works without issue, in debug I use shared mono runtime and no linker.

When I move it to release mode (still no linker, shared mono off) my app crashes.

Looking at my logcat this is due to the 1252 codepage not being support.

After having a look around on the xamarin forum and google I found I needed to add the internationalization "west" option in the build configuration.

I did this, my app compiles, but my still crashes when running in release mode due to not supporting codepage 1252.

Can anyway point me in the right direction because I am not sure what else I can do?

Do I have to change it to "west" and then remove all codepages 1252 back to encoding default?


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Re: monodroid codepage1252

I remember, I had similar problems in the past in my m4a-project.

I have fixed it, by adding I18N.West-Reference to the project, manually.
To avoid it from linking, you can add I18N.West assembly to the exclude from linking-option in the project properties.

you can also generate some pseudo-code, that runs on project-start, to avoid linking f.e.:
var cp1252 = new I18N.West.CP1252();
This should not embedded in a method, that will never called in you project, because, then, the linker will remove it. I have this code in OnCreate in my start-activity.

Maybe there are other/better solutions. But this helped me to fix it.